Understanding the new world: the issues and perspectives

In less than 10 years, our world has completely changed… The digital revolution has redrawn the traditional boundaries of the media.

In this reconstructed media environment, in which traditional media (TV channels, radio channels, newspapers, etc.) are combined with new media (staunch market players, telecom operators, etc.), the new practices increasingly consist of using any medium anytime and anywhere. This is the principle of ATAWAD: anytime, anywhere, any device.

The digital revolution is more than just a technological step forward—it has changed the way in which we interact with the world and other people. To succeed in this new environment, the various players have to adapt and/or review the way in which they design, produce, and diffuse their content.

To provide a better understanding of the digital revolution—the issues and perspectives—, IMCA helps many market players devise and run conference cycles for their management committees, management, and colleagues.

The main aim of the conferences is to provide them with all the necessary elements to enable them to integrate the new digital technology into their activities.

The IMCA offering

The conference programmes explain every aspect of the digital revolution and examine its strategic and operational consequences.

Each conference includes a PowerPoint presentation, which comprises many videos and links to the most original Internet sites which are most representative of trends in France and abroad.

References 2009/2010

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